Empowering Privacy
Securing Your Future

We're starting small but have some big ideas for effective software solutions without gathering privacy invading information.

Advertising revenue, user tracking and information hoarding do not form part of our business plan. Our goal is to produce great software and sell it for a fair price. We don't want to know who you are, what your mothers maiden name is or what you had for breakfast last week. In all honesty, we just want your money!

Plan, Sprint, Review, Meet

Codenamed "Agile Toolbox", our first SaaS offering currently in development is an opinionated implementation of a suite of tools to enable effective agile software development.

More Details

Our charter

Here's a few of the principles we are committed to upholding as we develop our software solutions.

Nickname & Password

This is the minimum info needed in order to provide secure online software solutions. We are aiming to also make it the maximum.

Challenge Authority

If someone, some organisation or even some governing body tells us we must gather a certain piece of information and we don't need it to operate our software, we are going to challenge that requirement.

Honesty and Transparency

We aim to be open about as much of the business, our goals and our processes as we can. We are working on making our roadmap public and even plan to open up some of our financial information.

We have already made our traffic stats public.

Make privacy the new norm

We're digging through the internet to find suppliers and partners that share our vision and ethos, and choosing them over less privacy respecting competitors.

We've chosen plausible.io over Google Analytics for this very reason.