Just a bit of fun!

This was not intended to be our first software release, but after one of our engineers was exploring JavaFX and tweeted out a video, it got some responses.

So we thought - why not?

This has given us a chance to explore the excellent work taking place in the JavaFX Landscape by many companies and individuals. Especially Gluon with tools like the maven client plugin.

This is our first exploration into producing desktop software applications, and within a few short hours we were able to build native executables for each of the platforms below from a single Java codebase.


There are no installers, no registration, no need to even have Java on your system. These fat binaries will hopefully just run (famous last words).

Download the compressed image for your platform, decompress it and run the single executable file.

Linux .tgz 25 MB

Mac .zip 21 MB

Windows .zip Available soon