Agile Toolbox :

The goal of this roadmap is not to set out deadlines, but to give insight on the progress of our first product: Agile Toolbox, and to give some hints on what might be arriving in the future.

Our first SaaS product (and most likely the core of our business for the next few years) is a collection of tools to assist remote agile teams with various stages of the sprint process.

We are aiming for a very competitive target price of £20 per team per month, with optional discounts for up-front annual payments.

Mid 2024


These are our main target features for the toolbox application


This will cover adding tickets to a backlog and estimating using our own flavour of Plan-it Poker.


A simple dashboard to monitor progress of the sprint.


A tool to facilitate useful sprint retrospectives and set an improvement goal for the next sprint.


A tool to find a common date for a team meeting or social event.


Each section of the application will be developed as an API first and once MVP functionality has been achieved via this API, a graphical User Interface (UI) will be created.

Authentication Service Includes registration, login and logout capabilities. 100% 0%
Team Service Creating and joining teams and managing members. 100% 0%
Planning Service Creating tickets, sorting the backlog and estimating using a plan-it poker system. 25% 0%
Review Service Collecting anonymous comments from the team in a happy/sad format and setting a goal for the next sprint. 0% 0%
Meet Service Team leader can specify a date range and members can specify their preferred dates within the range. 0% 0%
Billing Service We've got to get paid sooner or later. Still under review but most likely direct debit payments via GoCardless. 0% 0%